Amphion One15 (pair) / / Amp700 (w/speaker cables)


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Nearfield studio monitor


First-class resolution, imaging, sweet spot width and depth in a small but powerful speaker


Powerful ability to resolve sonic details combined with an incredible neutral tonal balance


Delivers trustworthy and transparent translation in an affordable nearfield package

In detail

The optimum nearfields

One15 studio monitors are pure and authentic across the whole frequency spectrum. They offer an impressive stereo image, keeping the accurate balance even at low listening levels. These monitors translate perfectly to any other playback system, saving you time from additional checks and amendments.

Be it for tracking, mixing or mastering, One15 studio monitors are the optimum affordable nearfield monitors. Providing clear and transparent mids, smooth highs, and an incredibly honest bass response, the One15 can easily fit in any musician’s set up, even in those, demanding extra clarity in the low-frequency spectrum.

Any pro-monitoring setup could benefit from Amphion One15s. These high-end passive monitors employ custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound needed to make critical mixing decisions.

Every tool a sound engineer or producer uses, either helps to make the final product better or allows working quicker. But with the One15 studio monitors, you can do both. Make better decisions faster no matter if you are composing, tracking or mixing. The One15 nearfield monitors are equally suited to the commercial or home studio environment.


User experiences

“I’m making better decisions faster.”

Sean Hamilton – Record Producer/Songwriter

“…the low end is very tidy and prominent – you really don’t need a sub.”

Luke Shredder – Mixing and Mastering Engineer

“I feel that I finally hear what the top ones hear.”

David Abrantes – Mix & Mastering Engineer

“Everyone who hears my Amphions is seriously impressed.”

Clay Krasner – Producer and Bass player

Amphion studio monitor tweeter

Media reviews

One15 and One18 with Amp100

“If you demo a set in your room, it’s very likely you’ll keep them.”

“These monitors perform well above their price range and are an incredible value for such refined tools, arguably one of the most critical tools for mixing. The mixes I complete on them are translating well to other rooms and playback systems, and I’m producing the best work of my career.”

One15 and One18

“They do the fundamental job of communication really well.”

“The One15 doesn’t sound overly ambitious with its low-frequency extension, so there’s no obvious time-domain problem. It helps, of course, that, being free of a reflex port, there are no chuffing noises or obvious non-linearity, or one-note bass effect when the volume is increased.”

One15 and Two15

“Delightfully detailed realism…”

“If I was going to go with a single set of monitors for my room, I am pretty sure I would go with a pair of Two15 speakers and an Amp500..”

One15 and Two15

“Escoge un par basado en tu cuarto y tus necesidades y estarás contento.”

“Al igual que con las demás bocinas Amphion, no hay nada fatigante en los agudos, y el Two15 es lleno y placentero en una manera nada exagerada. “

One15 with Amp100

“Kompromisslos abgestimmt”

“Man verbringt wesentliche Teile der Arbeitszeit an einem Projekt im Nah-feldbereich. Das verlangt nach einer verlässlichen wie schonenden Abhörsituation am Regiearbeitsplatz. Der finnische Hersteller Amphion bietet mit den One15-Monitoren und ausgezeichnet abgestimmter Amp100-Verstärkung eine Kombination, die derlei Anforderungen und professionellen Ansprüchen vollauf gerecht wird.”

One12, One15, One18 with Amp100

“…del, präzise und keinesfalls schönend…”

“Mit der One-Serie bietet Amphion ein äußerst überzeugendes Monitorkonzept, das aus der Kombination passiver Speaker und hochwertiger Endstufen ein sehr gelungenes Sounderlebnis schafft: edel, präzise und keinesfalls schönend.”



Frequency response

Because all real control rooms have at least one surface (a floor) the speaker low end (below 100Hz) is measured in half free space. This gives a fairly accurate estimation of a very large control room, with the speaker placed far from back and side walls.  As the room size decreases, the amount of bass increases, which means that the smaller speaker models are particularly well suited to smaller rooms which will support the bass response of the speaker. In other words, the plotted frequency response corresponds to the minimum amount of bass you can expect in any control room.

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