Amphion One18 (pair) // Amp700 (w/speaker cables)


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Nearfield studio monitor


The new studio-standard for nearfield monitors delivering an exquisite sonic performance


The One18s Cost-Performance alone make these a vital addition to any studio – large or small


This muscular monitor workhorse produces unparalleled sonic clarity and sound image

In detail

Hearing the truth…

Amphion’s One18 studio monitors offer a wide sweet spot and pinpoint-accurate imaged sound. This allows for fast and accurate creative decisions. Whether you are writing music, recording, or mixing, the One18 loudspeakers can be your creative weapon-of-choice. Thanks to their natural tone and balanced frequency response you can enjoy 12-hour-long sessions, with no ear fatigue.

Extremely detailed but not bright or harsh, the One18 studio monitors allow you to achieve great results quicker and without any doubt. Their perfect translation to any other listening system or environment brings no surprises when auditioning your work outside of your studio.

While being remarkably accurate, One18 monitors are strikingly musical and able to translate not only the finest mixing details but also the most delicate acoustic emotions. This results in an effective and deeply enjoyable music-creating process.

The Amphion One18 studio monitor offers premium performance for critical monitoring sessions. These high-end passive monitors employ a custom-designed 6.5″ (180mm) woofer, a fast-response titanium tweeter, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound you need to make critical mixing decisions.


User experiences

“They have an ability to let me control vocals better than I ever have.”

James Hunt – 2x Grammy-winning Engineer

“Thank you for pushing the boundaries of perfection. You have taken the word ‘listen’ to another level.”

Giancarlo Del Sordo – CEO of Acustica Audio

“When you want to feel you are sitting in the live room”

Robert Carranza – 4x Grammy winning Engineer

“I can mix comfortably, sitting anywhere around the console.”

Norberto Islas – Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer

Amphion studio monitor tweeter

Media reviews

One15 and One18 with Amp100

“If you demo a set in your room, it’s very likely you’ll keep them.”

“These monitors perform well above their price range and are an incredible value for such refined tools, arguably one of the most critical tools for mixing. The mixes I complete on them are translating well to other rooms and playback systems, and I’m producing the best work of my career.”

One15 and One18

“They do the fundamental job of communication really well.”

“The One15 doesn’t sound overly ambitious with its low-frequency extension, so there’s no obvious time-domain problem. It helps, of course, that, being free of a reflex port, there are no chuffing noises or obvious non-linearity, or one-note bass effect when the volume is increased.”

One18 with Amp100

“These are amazing workhorse monitors.”

“These are amazing workhorse monitors that are detailed, full, and pleasant to work on. What an awesome sound it is! I’m not sure that I want to mix without them…”

One18 with Amp100

“The next NS10”

“To get a solid handle on how beautifully honest the One18 is, you must audition a pair as soon as possible. I assure you your mixes will translate.”


“Has to be heard to be believed.”

“The first thing I noticed was the immediate improvement on the stereo image compared to the monitors I’m currently using, the clarity of the Amphion speakers has to be heard to be believed.”

One12, One15, One18 with Amp100

“…del, präzise und keinesfalls schönend…”

“Mit der One-Serie bietet Amphion ein äußerst überzeugendes Monitorkonzept, das aus der Kombination passiver Speaker und hochwertiger Endstufen ein sehr gelungenes Sounderlebnis schafft: edel, präzise und keinesfalls schönend.”


“Look Fantastic! Sound Fantastic!”

“After reviewing these monitors I am seriously looking to buy a pair of amphions so I can have the pleasure of them permanently in my studio.”




Frequency response

Because all real control rooms have at least one surface (a floor) the speaker low end (below 100Hz) is measured in half free space. This gives a fairly accurate estimation of a very large control room, with the speaker placed far from back and side walls.  As the room size decreases, the amount of bass increases, which means that the smaller speaker models are particularly well suited to smaller rooms which will support the bass response of the speaker. In other words, the plotted frequency response corresponds to the minimum amount of bass you can expect in any control room.

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