Livid Alias 8


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Alias 8 is a compact and portable controller, giving you the plenty of hands on control to take charge of your mix.


Alias 8 is constructed with rugged aluminum and has full integration into all major software. It’s small footprint is packed with features and has 15 onboard user banks for no fuss MIDI mapping. Whether you are a DJ, VJ, music producer or lighting technician, Alias 8 provides a straightforward and adaptable workflow that’s quick and easy setup.

A feature packed, portable controller.

Alias 8 gives you more than 40 high quality controls to quickly access track volumes, instruments, effects, and onboard mappings. Eight “channel strips” of knobs, faders, and buttons, and a full-size master fader easily adapt to traditional mixing. It’s 16 RGB backlit buttons are perfect for selecting tracks, launching clips or step sequencing with your favorite music software.  And it doesn’t stop at music. Alias 8 is an ideal companion for pro visual mixing platforms such Arkaos Grand VJ and VDMX.


As an Alias 8 user, you can enjoy sophisticated  templates for plug-and-play integration with Logic, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Traktor, Reason, FL Studio, and more. Livid’s open platform design ensures that your controller can be customized for use with a wide variety of applications. All of the hardware controls of Alias 8 are fully assignable. Every pad, fader, button, or LED color can be set to a user defined value using Livid’s Editor software. Use the Alias 8 Integration Guide for controller scripts, setup instructions, and other resources to use Alias 8 with your favorite music production or DJ software.

Ableton Live


Connect Alias 8 to different functions in Live. Access clip triggering, mixing, solo/mute, record arm, sends and returns, device parameters and macros, track selection, session navigation, user-customized maps, and more.

Bitwig Studio


An integrated controller mapping in Bitwig Studio. Access to playing, editing and composition features with track, device and instrument control. Alias 8 is your hardware solution for recording and launching clips, adjusting track volumes and effects, playing synths and step sequencing.

Propellerhead’s Reason


A perfect companion for Reason. The Alias 8 provides an adaptable workflow for controlling Reason racks, accessing device variations, step sequencing instruments and adjusting levels, pan and effects.