Novation Launch Control XL


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Surface Control For All!

Designed for virtually any music software, the Novation Launch Control XL puts eight channels of hands-on control at your fingertips. Three ranks of knobs offer instant access to sends, panning, and more, whereas eight 60mm faders let you smoothly tweak track volume or other continuous parameters. The Launch Control XL also gives you 16 multicolor buttons for functions such as mute, solo, record arm, or even clip launching.

Class-compliant MIDI and HUI support for universal software control

The Launch Control XL offers fully class-compliant MIDI, allowing you to instantly pair it with virtually any music software or apps on your Mac, PC, or iOS device. Besides Ableton Live, with built-in support for Mackie's HUI protocol, Launch Control XL works with Cubase, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, mapping its sliders, rotaries, and buttons to their mixers' volume faders, pan pots, mute and solo buttons, and more.