Pace iLok 3


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The iLok is a special USB device that holds your licenses for iLok-enabled software. Software publishers use the iLok to provide secure protection for their software. When you run their iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on your attached iLok.

The new iLok 3 is the smallest yet, half the size of its predecessor at just 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. This lower-profile design combined with its aluminum construction make the iLok 3 the most durable yet — the metal construction won’t split or crack and also allows for an etched serial number that can’t be rubbed off without damaging the iLok. It also features a wider and stronger security loop that accommodates most security cables and systems. Best of all, the 3rd-generation iLok holds up to 1,500 licenses, three times the capacity of the iLok 2. Zero Downtime and Theft and Loss Coverage are available as an option with the iLok 3.