Rupert Neve is a name that virtually everyone involved in professional audio will know, and the legendary classic Neve designs are as revered today as they ever were. Rupert Neve Designs, LLC was founded by Rupert Neve on passion, experience and a desire to craft timeless musical tools for the 21st century, is nestled in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, where all of their modules are crafted and painstakingly tested. Their small team of dedicated engineers have designed a new range of professional audio gear and systems based on both proven classic design concepts and modern innovations. This new range of equipment utilizes custom-designed transformers and single-sided amplification to provide sound quality that rivals the best recording gear – vintage or modern – available anywhere in the world.

Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel
Rupert Neve is the most well-known name in pro audio, and for good reason. To this day, Neve consoles remain the stuff of legend, and the mic preamp from the Neve 1073 module is arguably the most widely imitated piece of audio gear out there. Everything about the Shelford Channel is awesome – beautiful colour choices, mastering-grade stepped controls, buttons that are satisfying to push, indicators that aren’t harshly lit – and it is clear that no detail was overlooked. Despite being a feature-packed channel strip, it has a clean-looking aesthetic and a much appreciated ease of use. In terms of functionality, the Shelford Channel is sort of a “Neve’s Greatest Hits” package. With richly-coloured tonal options for making bold statements with your music, and precisely-engineered detented controls for recall, the vintage-inspired Shelford Channel maintains the soul of Rupert’s classic designs with new levels of versatility, delivering what can only be described as the combined essence of fifty years of Rupert Neve’s designs.
  • A killer channel strip that harkens back to the sounds of vintage Neve, coupled with all the modern capabilities that evolved from Rupert Neve’s renowned 80 series channel module technology.
  • Input stage and transformer-gain mic pre that offers punchy and creamy-smooth, with excellent isolation and vanishingly low noise.
  • Front panel hi-Z direct input that provides astonishing clarity, with substantial low-end weight and silky-smooth high frequencies
  • Best of the classics inductor EQ containing Rupert Neve’s favourite bands from his vintage equalizer designs
  • Super Diode-bridge Compressor that delivers warm, punchy response, attitude-packed and classic “in your face” sound, but with modern precision and flexibility
  • Dual-tap transformer output lets you hit the transformer’s sweet spot, which can inject life into a recorded performance in a way that other effects cannot.
  • Silk and Texture controls which allows complete control over the harmonic content and saturation of the output transformer

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II

Master Buss Processor

For tracking, mixing, and mastering, the Portico II Master Buss Processor brings a diverse set of tools that can impart an incredibly-wide range of processing, both dynamic and spectral, to any production – and at a world-class level.
  • Stereo / dual-mono compressor with separate limiting section and unique stereo field processing for “width” and “depth.”
  • Full compression sections for both channels, including attack, release, ratio, and threshold controls
  • Side chain inputs with highpass filters for both compressors
  • Feed-back/Feed-forward controls let you select from modern and vintage compression sounds
  • Texture control with 2 Silk modes let you add classic Neve warmth
  • Blend controls allow you to mix dry signal back into your compression, preserving transients while adding punch
  • Simple and highly musical 1-knob limiter with Adaptive Release Technology allows for brickwall limiting that doesn’t distort or affect levels under the threshold
Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satelite
There are many summing mixers, each sporting various features and routing options, but the Satellite 5059 is the only one deserving of the Rupert Neve name. The 5059 boasts not only the Neve sonic signature, but its flexibility is well suited for modern applications of processing. The 5059 is a unique summing mixer and would impart a variable sonic palette and novel routing options to any hybrid DAW setup.
  • Classic Neve, Class A, all transformer-balanced, and awesome-sounding Active 16x2 2 Summing Mixer
  • Fine-tune harmonic ratio and tonality of both stereo outputs
  • Zero crossover distortion and unmatched purity
  • Rupert Neve’s custom transformers provide galvanic isolation and serve up enormous sound
  • 16 ins (with level controls, pans and inserts); 2 stereo busses
  • You can send any input to stereo bus A or B
  • Continuously variable Texture control for Silk and Silk+ modes
  • Dual Stereo Outs let you split the input channels into two stems for processing and mixing
  • Stereo buss A and B each have its own XLR outs

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP

Precision Headphone Amplifier

A vastly superior headphone amplifier in this price point, it also worries more expensive amplifier designs. How does it compare to higher end head amps? Very well, actually. The unit’s effortless sonic performance and the ability to drive virtually any headphones without compromise let you perform, mix, and savor your music with stunning clarity.
  • Reliable, reference-grade amplification for any pair of headphones based on the headphone amplifier section of the Rupert Neve Designs 5060 Centerpiece
  • Three switchable inputs (XLR, RCA, mini-jack)
  • Effortless sonic performance
  • The ability to drive virtually any headphones
  • Dedicated 24-volt design
  • Calibrated +4dBu Line, RCA, and 1/8″ stereo inputs
  • Near-zero-ohm output impedance minimizes frequency-based reactive-load impedance shifts
  • Road-tough, VESA-mountable steel chassis

Rupert Neve Designs 5088
High Voltage and Discrete Analogue Mixer

When 90 Volts course through discrete op-amp cards, custom transformers and meticulously crafted, “Class A” circuitry designed by the most trusted name in audio: The difference doesn’t just please ears, it turns heads too!

The 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. As his first fully discrete mixing design in over 30 years, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same concepts, such as the single-sided, fully discrete amplification and complete transformer isolation that made his original designs so revered – except unlike many of those aging classics, maintenance is no longer a full time job. The 5088 is a fundamentally different console philosophy, very carefully thought-out so that you don’t have to waste money paying for functionality that you will never use. Instead of adding bells and whistles, Rupert and his team have focused on designing the most efficient, direct, and sweetest-sounding audio paths through a console that integrates seamlessly with any outboard gear in the world.

  • Unrivaled Pedigree: The entirely discrete 5088 console incorporates custom designed input and output transformers, a hallmark of Mr. Rupert Neve’s mixing consoles over the years.
  • Sound Without Compromise: able to continuously adapt your environment to the needs at hand. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channel strips and Portico processing modules like EQ, microphone pre-amplification and dynamics can be added or removed to meet constantly changing demands and eliminate the massive redundancies of consoles from yesteryear.
  • Input channel strip that is designed to effectively handle multiple normalled sources, creating master, group and aux mixes with great efficiency. With 8 auxes, 8 “Groups”, “Solo”, “Mute”, “Send Follows Pan”, “Aux to Group”, a transformer coupled direct out and optional motorized fader automation on each channel, even the most complex mixes are within reach.
  • The monitor/master section includes four stereo effects returns, switchable selection of three control room monitor outputs, six monitor sources, AFL/PFL/SIP solo modes, as well as comprehensive talkback and oscillator functions, and a 100mm stereo master fader.
  • Optional Swiftmix Automation: Built around state-of-the-art motorized faders and DAW control over ethernet, SwiftMix™ combines the accuracy and convenience of digital automation with the unrivaled analog sound of the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console.

We will custom order a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 according to your specifications.


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